About my paintings

I frequently use materials from nature which many people bring back from their various travels. These include sand, soil, shells, etc… I integrate these structures into my paintings or use them as a base for new pigments. Thus, every painting also gains a personal story. I predominantly use acrylic and oil paints, but also like to experiment with new materials and dye mixtures to explore fresh possibilities.


By choice, I do not paint figurative subjects and concentrate on purely abstract textures instead.


At first sight, my art may seem „random“, but it definitely isn't. Although I paint very intuitively, I leave nothing to chance. My creative method often includes re-exploring a specific canvas in multiple phases, and even covering up an existing painting with entirely new layers. I already consider the desired colour-composition and future structure during the priming phase. Often, I will have an abstract image in mind beforehand, a vision of where the picture should evolve to.      


Many viewers of my works also report that they have a desire to physically touch them. Apparently, the various thick layers and granular textures also invite towards a tactile, as well as visual experience.


Birgit Schweimler - Dießen am Ammersee, Fall 2018