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Photo: Birgit Schweimler
Photo: Birgit Schweimler

Birgit Schweimler married the Belgian musician Serge Devadder in 2000, while residents of Munich at the time. Both artists have found inspiration in each other’s work for over two decades. Devadder’s electronic ambient soundscapes  and Schweimler’s abstract paintings share many similarities. An abundance of rich tonal or visual colours, dense complex textures and a deep sense of “overall mood” characterise the works of both artists.  Schweimler will regularly paint while immersed in Devadder’s music, while Devadder’s CD releases prominently feature Schweimler’s paintings. Although the works of both artists stand on their own, the mutual influence is always present.

Gemälde als CD cover.

CD cover art.

Serge Devadder releases:

 Cambrian (2014)

Ganda (2016)

Taxon (2018)

Flood (2022)

Frames (2022)

Lattice Fracture (2022)

Hauntings (2023)